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The GlobalCapital Cancer Care Plan

Cancer Care is here to help you by providing financial aid if you were to be diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Care plan subscribers in most cases are entitled to a lump sum of up to €100,000 should they be diagnosed with cancer.

Let us guide through what is cancer and most importantly what is Cancer Care!

Cancer Care
What difference can Cancer Care make?
Cancer – Some facts
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What is Cancer Care?

Cancer Care is a unique product in the local market. It is intended to give peace of mind to the Life Assured. It is designed to provide important financial aid should the individual be diagnosed with cancer. When a person is diagnosed with cancer many certainties previously held vanish. This is where Cancer Care comes in. Cancer Care can reduce the worries and financial anxieties of the person concerned and also of those around him.

Let’s put it in simple terms: How does Cancer Care work?

Cancer Care is a very affordable and flexible product. We all wish that our loved ones are safeguarded from any harm. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Cancer care is there to protect you and your family in case you are diagnosed with cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer, and you are covered with a Cancer Care policy you can receive a sum of up to €100,000 (subject to certain exclusions during the period that you are covered)

A sum of €100,000 might not cure you from your illness but it surely can help you and your family in this time of distress.

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